Brief company outline

Our enterprise was born from 30 years experience of its founder and has achieved the top in quality, efficiency, reliability and service.
The organizational structure of the company itself is a one of a kind case.
It is the first asymmetric enterprise working exclusively with the best breed of professionals worldwide to achieve state of the art results on any project within our company scope.
This allows us to save on heavy fixed costs and to dedicate customer financial efforts on their projects.
In many years we have started tested and developed many skills and services which we are now devoting to customers that meet our internal clearance policy.
Our customers are private VIP citizens, small medium and multinational businesses and of course government agencies.
Usually our customers find out about us from rumors, word of mouth, or private reference and in this case they have already tried everything possible making us their last chance. We often joke about this with them thinking that they tried everything scientifically possible before contacting us.
From this year we have decided to publish a brief summary of our scope and services to help those who need us and don’t know about us.

General projects and services

Turnkey development of custom software and hardware solutions for any possible use. If it is technically possible we are able to do it.

Turnkey development of any technology for lawful interception and forensics (government agencies only).

Business planning and strategic support to new projects worldwide.

Decision support in delicate negotiations and signing of contracts and agreements. We are able to tell if your counterpart has hidden or fraudolent intentions.

Reputational and brand management on the web.

Security and privacy of communications and documents.

Personal coaching for top managers and VIPs.

Relation with our customers

Upon contact and request we will collect all needed data to understand if the project is technologically and scientifically possible.

We will also decide if the customer meets our clearance criteria.

Once we have determined the feasability of the project and customer clearance criteria are met, we will proceed with analysis and development to customer satisfaction.

We will train customer’s personnel on the use of any solution developed, but we will not do the job of the customer.

On decision support we will accept only customers with crystal clear purposes and intentions


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